Team Building

& Conflict resolution

Team building is an art that requires sensitivity, empathy and the ability to deal with difficult situations and conflicts in a relaxed manner, also if they arise unexpectedly..

I customise the content and methods each time to suit the respective teams and the objectives of the assignment. Below I have listed examples of topics that serve to strengthen the communication, co-operation and conflict culture of an intercultural team. I conduct team building sessions in person or online, as a block or in several shorter sessions that fit more easily into the daily work routine.

What motivation and strengths do the team members bring to the table? What are they passionate about? What intercultural influences come into play, which can strengthen the team as a whole?

Sharing your own inspiring and frustrating team experiences - Identifying qualities and values that are particularly important for you and learn about preferences and typical working and communication styles of other team members

Record a matrix of these qualities and values and the preferred ways in which each team member would like to experience these qualities and values at the work place

What do we share? What makes us different? Do we want to make agreements about the way we work together? How do we want to address tensions and conflicts (this is where competences from non-violent communication come into play)

Trust within the team

I like to use non-violent communication as a methodological background for these topics. It increases our emotional intelligence and empathy and helps us to clarify tensions at an early stage and resolve conflicts in a way that even strengthens our interpersonal relationships and our trust in the team. In the following areas, insights from sociocracy also help us to make progress.

What resources do we have in the team? Do we need more clarity regarding the division of tasks? Does anybody need support?

Who is responsible for which decisions? Do we make some decisions together? How do we want to prepare and facilitate joint decision-making processes?

How can feedback processes run in such a way that they nourish us? How can the way we give feedback to each other promote team cohesion?

How do we express criticism constructively in tense situations so that it strengthens our cooperation? And in a way that is both honest and authentic?

What processes and structures do we use to repeatedly create space for the insights from this workshop, for constructive feedback, conflict prevention and resolution?

Of course, in my team building workshops there is also plenty of room for humour, laughter, creativity and touching moments of showing yourself and connecting deeply.

I would be happy to brainstorm with you and jointly design a personalised event that suits your team. Please contact me…